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Here at Northstar Renovations, our goal is to meet and exceed every expectation in any project. We are a full service contracting firm and can handle any size project. With our attention to detail and customer service oriented approach, you can rest assured the job will be done right.

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Licenses / Credentials:

• C2 Mold Certified
• Certified Lead Renovator
• Licensed and Fully Insured
• Better Business Bureau

Services Offered:

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Painting
  • Additions
  • Carpentry
Locating a Dependable Concord Roofer

The roof over your head is literally your first defense against the outside elements. Your entire home and possessions are at risk with a roof that is in bad shape. Rain can leak under the shingles, further damaging the roof and the entire interior structure. Left in disrepair the cost of having the damage repaired will only grow over time. The quicker you contact a reliable Concord Roofer to fix the problem the less it is going to cost you.

Replacing a roof can be expensive no mater what kind of roof you have. The actual roofing materials are only a small portion of the total cost of a new roof. The largest single expense will be in the labor costs of the Concord Roofer labor. Mathematics, general carpentry and carpentry framing are just a few of the skills needed by the professional Roofer. Finding a Roofer is not difficult. It may, however take some time and effort on your part to find a reliable Concord Roofer with the expertise you will trust.

How to Obtain a Bid from a Concord Roofer

Having a few companies lined up, you can now ask for bids. Ask for a bid from each Roofer you feel comfortable with. Some people say the more bids the better but this is not necessarily true. If there is too much competition, a Roofer may feel it’s not worth his time to offer a bid. The truth is a busy Roofer may have little time to bid against each company, so you could end up losing a bid from the best qualified Concord Roofer. So keep the bidding to a select few.

When asking for a bid, you are not just asking for a total dollar amount. You will need a detailed list of the job specifications and the cost for each, plus labor. Each Concord Roofer will need a detailed list of what you want included in their bid and this will enable you to compare each one as they will include the same items. If one bid is significan'tly lower than another you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where the differences are.

You don’t necessarily want the lowest bid, but the highest one isn’t a guarantee of better service or materials either. Reasonable cost for good quality work is what everyone wants. If one bid seems considerably lower than the others ask the Roofer why. One Roofer may simply have lower overhead, fewer workers or a better source for materials and this savings can often be passed on to the customer but make certain the Roofer can back up any claims he makes.

Having made your choice for a Concord Roofer, you now need a contract in place.


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"Northstar Renovations LLC has completed several jobs for me, ranging from roofing to a fire rehab. They are always professional and under budget."

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"I had a couple windows that started leaking one night. I just called them up and they came right out and took care of the issue. They were wonderful."

Reagan - Concord, NC